Hello families! This past month we have been learning about the Chinese New Year and Music.  The students have enjoyed making stir fry in dramatic play, creating stir fry art, making music and experimenting with the sounds different instruments can make.  We even had a parade on Mardi Gras! We are looking forward to learning about Pond Life for much of March.  Love, Ms. Jeanine, Mr. Israel, and Ms. Leanne


 Hello visitors! This past month we learned more about woodland animals and their forests.  We talked about snow, trees, animals, and their prints in the snow.  Next we learned about the Chinese new year.  We all really enjoyed making stir fry in the kitchen, matching theme boards of the different animals of the years, and reading books about different traditions in China.  The students are getting more comfortable with Stella the therapy dog and learning the right ways to pet her and engage with her. We are seeing so much growth of play, talking, signing and engaging with materials.  This time of year is so much fun in the Pineapples class because their skills really start to take off.   Next up we will be learning about Music and Mardi Gras! With love, Ms Jeanine, Mr. Israel, and Ms. Leanne


 Hello families! We had such a fun December.  We learned about animals that live in the woods and what they look like.  We talked about snow in the woods and how the animals move.  The Pineapples friends are learning so much about their routine and how to play with their peers.  We had special theme days and special visitors who came to set up our multipurpose room to visit Santa and then they came to do a craft with the students.   It is always fun to see the change and growth that happens after the winter break and we are so excited to see what the new year will hold for all our friends.   In January, we will continue our study of woodland animals and then move on to learning about the Chinese New Year. We hope you all remain well and look forward to the next month of learning! Love, Ms. Jeanine


 Hello everyone, We have made it through November!  The students have enjoyed learning about Nocturnal Animals and the Night Sky this month.  They have learned about stars and moons and the animals that are awake during these times.  Everyone is making amazing progress with communicating with their peers and teachers and following the routine and expectations. We are seeing more interacting between the students and and more willingness to explore new areas and materials the room.    We are excited to move on to woodland creatures and winter trees for December! Love, Ms Jeanine, Ms. Leanne, and Mr. Israel


 Hello Parents, We can't believe we are through another month of school.  We have learned about farm animals and the farm this month.  We have been making friends with our peers and making some amazing progress daily.  We have learned to fill in the blank in songs (one of our favorite activities!) and all our specials started. The kids are loving Music Therapy with Ms. Shelly, Movement with Ms. Missy, Social Skills with Ms. Sara, Language Group with Ms. Robin, and Fine Motor group with Ms. Jen and Ms. Dawn.  Our days are filled with learning and play, as they should be!  In November we will be learning about Nocturnal Animals and the Night Time Sky.  Feel free to bring your kids out when the sun sets to talk about the moon and stars that you see.  You could also talk about the sounds you hear at night versus during the day.   We are so excited to see all that your sweet children are doing!  Love, The Pineapples Teachers

The first month